Waxing Your Eyebrows

Who wants it?

Okay, let’s face it: waxing isn’t anyone’s idea of a really good time. It might not rank as high as, say, going to the dentist; but it’s up there. If you particularly don’t want to spend a lot of money for pain (which is essentially what you’re doing with a trip to the salon), then you can do your waxing at home. It’s less expensive, more private, and gives you a little more control over what is happening.

Fortunately, Nahid Ghassemi, president and founder of Ana Visage Spa Academy in Great Falls, Virginia has a student ready to show you how. The company has been serving the greater Washington DC area since 1985 providing training in massage, electrolysis, esthetics, waxing, and permanent makeup. Her trainee, Laverne, is demonstrating in this video the steps that you need to take to do your own home waxing.

What you’ll need

So get your equipment and products together before you start so you’re sure you have everything you’ll need and it’s all located in one place. You’ll be needing alcohol, baby powder, toner or astringent, some cotton balls, as well as an at-home waxing kit and strips. All of this is available at a local chain drugstore and some supermarkets.

Now in the spa, she needs to sanitize and wear gloves, but when you’re doing this at home you don t have to do that. It’s important for people who are going to be working with others to prevent the spread of any kind of infection; but you’ll be fine at home without them. However, this can get messy, so gloves might actually still be a good idea for you when you’re doing it yourself. It’s up to your judgment.

Prep work

The first thing that you have to do is prepare the area to be waxed. It’s essential that you remove any dirt or oils that are in the area, in this case, on your forehead and around your brows. So take one of your cotton balls and put some astringent toner spray onto the cotton ball and wipe the area well. Then you want to use your powder, and you need first to check the consistency of your wax. This is really important: if it’s too thick, it will be a lot harder to apply; if on the other hand it’s too thin, it might become too hot for your skin to bear. So check it out ahead of time.

Putting on the wax

What you want to do is dip your stick into the wax, sliding it on the side of the container to remove any excess, and then you apply it in the direction that your hair is growing, just a very thin layer.

Remove quickly

The strip you’re using is simply a small rectangular strip. Take it now and press it down on the area, pushing it gently in that direction.  Make sure that you’re holding your skin tightly, and pull the strip off in one quick motion. Then you want to repeat that again: place, remove, reapply; place, remove, reapply. Make sure that every time you pull the skin tightly and that you remove the strip in one quick motion.

One thing to remember that will help you do it correctly is to keep your arm low. That way, it’s less a matter of pulling off and it’s more a matter of pulling down. If there’s any wax left, that’s where your cotton ball comes in, just soak it in baby oil and gently remove any residual wax from your skin.

When you’re finished you may find that the area is a little enflamed; that’s perfectly normal. All that you have to do is apply some soothing aloe vera lotion where it hurts and the pain and rash will go away. And that’s all there is to it!