Vintage Clothes all the Rage

Vintage clothing is a fun way to spruce up your wardrobe with a little retro style, but it doesn’t all have to be tattered T’s and holey jeans. Vintage clothing has a wide selection of styles, eras, and designs that are just waiting to be found.

What is Vintage Clothing?

The definition of “Vintage Clothing” seems to be unclear and debated often within the clothing industry. The definition ranges from being quality still wearable clothing from another era to reproduction clothing that has been recently manufactured to resemble cloths from a past era.  This lack of a true definition of what “Vintage Clothing” is can make it confusing as a consumer to understand pricing when trying to find a good deal on something vintage.

True Vintage

Truly Vintage clothing items can be quite expensive depending on the garment and where it is purchased. You used to be able to find real vintage items at thrift stores for f
airly reasonable to cheap prices if you knew what you were looking for. These type of
finds now seem to be more and more rare as the “Vintage Clothing” fad becomes more and more popular making the price of certain vintage items such as concert t-shirts, and wedding dresses skyrocket.

You can still find some reasonable deals at local flea markets, antique shops, and online retailers if you search though. The important thing to know when trying to locate a good buy on truly vintage items is to know your stuff before you go shopping. With so many reproductions on the market you can easily be duped into paying top dollar for an item that is supposed to be real “Vintage” only to find out later that it is a reproduction worth about half the price.

What is Reproduction Vintage?

Reproduction “Vintage” is a technique used in many industries from furniture to clothing to take more recently produced products and distress them to look like they were manufactured in a time gone past. This is an inexpensive way to mass produce different types of products for a cheaper cost, and modify it in a way that fetches a much more expensive prices tag. That’s where “do-it-yourself Vintage” comes in.

Do-it-yourself Vintage

The fun part about do-it-yourself vintage is that you are in control of just how old or distressed your item appears to be. You may prefer the faded, soft, comfortable look and feel of an old pair of jeans or t-shirt, however you don’t like the holey look. No problem. All you have to do is soak those jeans or that t-shirt in brine for three days and then give it a gentle low soap wash in the machine; now you have a soft, semi-faded look that gives the appearance that you’ve been wearing them for years, without the holes. The best part is it cost you substantially less than buying it “vintage” or buying a “Vintage” reproduction; and if you decide you want some holes in those jeans simply take a pair of scissors and cut away.