Tricks to Get the Right Pose Down for Your Profile Picture

Having the perfect pose down is like matching the right belt with your ensemble. You need a great pose in order to make your profile picture stand out. Enough with the duck face or the peace sign in your pictures. That’s for amateurs and it’s been over done like a burnt piece of steak in the oven. You want something to show off your personality and style all in one go. The right lighting, the right angles, and the right look will really help you come up with a great profile picture for all your friends and family to see. Want to know how to get the right pose down? Check out these tricks to help you come up with an amazing profile picture.


Finding Your Right Side

Every person has a side that they look best for taking pictures. One of the best things you can do is look at old pictures to get a gauge of what’s your best angle. Do you have any favorite photos? Maybe there’s a certain angle that hits the light just right so you really shine. Ask yourself a question: why does this angle look better than all of the other pictures. Maybe you have a special earring you wear on one side or your hair is parted a certain way so that adds a bit of uniqueness to your look. Sometimes it could be a natural beauty mark that just gives your picture so much more depth. Of course, a portrait is best suited for a straight-on look. Round face may be good for more angular looks. While a slim face might be better for just an upfront look.

Small Changes in Your Pose Can Make a Big Difference

Sometimes it’s all about the subtle things. The way you position  your hand, how you turn, and just the little nuances can create a big impact in your picture that really sets it up for a great profile. Sometimes when you stand or sit, all you need to do is move your body sideways. Not only will it be a great pose, but it hits the light or background in a certain manner.  You can twist your hips in a certain way and have your face turned toward the camera for a 10 and 2 o clock position. Another illusion would be the way your arm is positioned when you place your hands on your hips. It’ll actually make you look a lot thinner so you can have a lean presence in the photo.

Take a Photo From Above and Watch How it Hits the Lights

 If you are uncomfortable with the way certain body parts look below the chin, standing on some kind of platform is a good way to omit your imperfections in a more acceptable manner. Also, the picture may hit the light in a certain way to really accentuate your features. Overhead lights may add more shadow in the picture which is not very flattering. Also, don’t be directly under the sun. It could cause serious glare to the photo. A good time to take an outdoor photo is when there’s some shade available to lighten things up.