Tips to choosing your perfect Wedding Day Hair Style

Getting married is one of those life changing events that most people plan and stress over for months or even years before the actual event. There is so much time focused on the dress, flowers, venue, food, cake, and guest list that it is easy to forget about your hair. It may not sound like anything too important, but one of the last things you want on your wedding day is to have a bad hair day. So here are a few things to keep in mind about your hair while making all of your plans for the big day.

Up or Down

Deciding on whether you will be wearing your hair up or down should be done before you go dress shopping. This is because your hair style will dictate the type of hair accessories, i.e. veil, crown, etc. that you will be able to wear.

Try having a hair day where you and a friend spend a few hours playing with different hair styles that you might like, and then once you choose a hair style wear it or something similar to your dress shopping excursions. This will do two things. It will let you see how the hairstyle will look with your dress, while also give you some insights into how well the hairstyle that you have chosen will hold up on your wedding day.

Explore Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have expanded quite a bit over the years providing new and more comfortable ways to hold hair in place, as well as blending old technology with new stylish flair. Some of the hair accessories that you might consider are:

  • Hats – Not your typical hat. Bridal hats come in half bowl styles, jewel encrusted versions, and even feathers if that is your preference.
  • Veils – This traditional wedding head dress is made with a variety of clip styles from crowns, to head bands, making it a tradition that works for any type of hair.
  • Hair Clips and Combs – Wedding hair clips are a more formal hair clip that usually has a pearl or jeweled design.

  • Crowns – Wedding Crowns can be both attached to the veil or free standing depending on your preference.

  • Head Bands – Head bands are an alternative to a veil. These fancy forms of everyday headwear are great for adding a subtle sparkle without covering your head entirely.


It is important to consider the venue in which you will be having both your wedding and your reception. Updo hair styles are one way of combating the elements when having an outdoor wedding. Wearing your hair up for outdoor weddings avoids the frustration and irritation of having your hair blown in your face while trying to say your vows or eating at the reception.

For indoor venues research whether your reception hall and chapel are air conditioned or not. If you are having a summer wedding and there is no air conditioning you may opt for an updo instead of wearing your hair down to avoid over heating while socializing and moving around from location to location.

Planning a wedding is a stressful time in any bride’s life. However if you keep in mind all of the big details such as venue, dress, and veil options while planning how you will be wearing your hair, then your hair doesn’t have to be one of those stressful decisions.