Tips for Maintaining Color Treated Hair

Whether you use highlights, lowlight, washout coloring, or you color your entire head there are some steps that you should be taking regularly to keep your hair from becoming dry, brittle, and damaged from all of the chemicals used on your hair; while maintaining the non-brassy color that you want.

Shampoos are not Created Equally

Not all shampoos are good for your hair, especially if you perm or use color treatments. Most shampoos contain sulfur that will strip hair as well as fade coloring to give it that brassy look that all too often send people running back to the salon for a new color. To protect your hair and avoid over treating your hair due to fading and color change, look for “Sulfur-free” shampoos. Your hair will get just as clean as with shampoos that contain sulfur, but you won’t have those frizzy fly-aways and your color will last much longer. Sulfur is used by shampoo manufacturers to make shampoo foam. So keep this in mind when using “Sulfur-free” products as they will not have the same foaming action that you may be used to.


Treated hair loses vital moisture that keeps it strong, shiny, and healthy. To keep your hair strong and vibrant regularly moisturize hair with a wash out or leave in moisturizing treatment. In addition, every couple of weeks use a quality moisturizing hair mask or deep conditioning treatment to add back hydration that hair loses through environmental exposure such as wind, sun, pool chemicals, and smog.

Sun Barriers

Color treated hair is exceptionally vulnerable to sun fading; to protect and maintain your color use a sun protectant leave in conditioner or where a hat when you will be out in the sun. A quality leave-in conditioner with added sun protectant included will help your hair retain its moisture while combatting the suns destructive rays, similar to sunscreen for the hair.

Avoid using too many Products

Color treated hair is fragile and needs to be pampered. Avoid doing too many treatments at one time or too close together, such as perms and highlights within a week from each other. This will avoid over processing and possible chemical interactions that can have quite devastating side effects when combined.

Use Quality Products

Whether you treat your hair yourself, or have it done in a salon, it is important to your hair’s health to use quality products. There are a lot of cheap drug store products on the market that have excessively harsh chemicals in them because they are cheaper to use than other higher quality less harmful ingredients. Look at ingredient labels and if you see ammonia or ammonia substitutes put it back on the shelf. Those ingredients are best left to the professionals. If there are ingredients that you don’t know what they are, look them up.

Maintaining color treated hair, doesn’t have to be difficult if you take the time to do your research, use the proper products for color treated hair, and avoid over treatments.