Swim Suit Season for the Pear Shaped

Swim season is one of those annual times of year that women both love and dread, especially if you have a pear shape and don’t fall into the ideal hourglass physique. Well ladies there’s no need to dread the all showing swim suit as you shed those sweaters and winter wardrobe items to reveal your lovely pear shapes this summer with these helpful tips for picking out a swim suit that will flatter your figure and highlight your assets.

Draw the eye Upward

Pear shaped women typically have the bulk of their mass on the lower half of their body. Because of this, it is best to pick swim suits or outfits that draw the eye’s attention to the upper half of the body, above the waist, in order to balance things out. By doing this you minimize what you might see as your problem areas and bring the focal point up to your face, chest, and other womanly features.

How to Raise your Focal Point

There are several techniques that you can use when trying to make the eye travel upward. Here are a few:

  • Choose a two piece – Two piece swim suits come in a variety of styles that include the Tankini look. This is a good option since it covers the mid-section and hips in a slimming and flattering manner. This is also a good option since a lot of places sell tops and bottoms separately, providing you with the opportunity to mix and match styles. Not just any Tankini will work though. When assessing your Tankini options follow these next two tips closely for your sexiest look.

  • Choose a top with layered ruffles – Tops that have loose laying ruffles help fill out the top portion of the body to create a more symmetrical appearance. When you decide to wear the layered ruffle top look, it is important to wear a sleek bikini or form fitting short, short bottom. Avoid bottoms that have a folded waistline, or longer shorts that could create a bulge under the top, and draw the eye downward.
  • Choose Tops with Patterns – Another way to draw the eye upward is by wearing patterns or prints above the waist.
  • Opt for wide shoulder straps and a squared neckline – Choosing tops with wider shoulder straps as well as squared necklines, creates a classic sculpted appearance that balances out your normally bottom heavy shape. The squared neckline also frames the neck, face, and shoulders which automatically draws the eye to that region of the body.

  • Avoid Ruffled Bottoms – Bottoms with ruffles or overlying skirts will only accentuate your bottom enhancing the overall pear shape look. Choose bottoms that slim the hips and do not flair.

You don’t have to have the perfect hour glass shape to look great in a swim suit. Understanding your shape along with a few fashion friendly tips that will draw the eye up above the waist will have you relaxing by the pool or on your favorite tropical beach someplace looking like the beautiful beach babe that you are in short order.