Swim Skirts: This Summer’s Hottest Look

Swim skirts of some style or another have been around since the 1800’s, however today’s swim skirts are not the fabric laden full length dresses of the past. This year’s swim skirt brings back an almost retro look of the 1950’s and 1960’s with cute detailing and shorter lengths that provide an elegantly provocative seaside look.

Pleated Swim Skirt Mini

Best suited for those who have athletic, hour glass, or slender figures, the pleated swim mini skirt is a fun and flirty look that highlights the hips, waist and thighs. The shorter skirt creates the optical illusion of longer legs while drawing the eye to the hip. This look can also work for the pear shaped physique as long as it is a high waist skirt that sits at about the belly button. The extended waist brings the eye up higher on the body instead of stopping at the hips. Pear shape women should look for flat lying pleats if opting for the pleated look to avoid adding extra mass to these already abundant areas of the body.

Longer Swim Mini with Tummy Control

With looks similar to those of a tennis skirt, this style swim skirt is longer than the pleated swim mini skirt and lays flat against the tummy and leg. This provides room in the design for a woman’s favorite “muffin top” defender, “Tummy Control” fabric that comfortably shapes your mid-section into the hot sleek look that you want to have in a bathing suit. Typically this type of swim skirt extends to about the mid-thigh and has a straight frame to lengthen the body.

Swim Sheath

The swim sheath is a mini-dress option that comes in both a one-piece or a two-piece option. While the one piece swim sheath is exactly that, a one piece bathing suit; the two-piece is basically a sleek fitting mini dress top that covers form fitting bikini or short bottoms. This style of swim dress usually has ruching down the front and sides of the main body of the torso in order to create a slender classic “little black dress” appearance.

Benefits of the Swim Skirt

  • Versatile – Swim skirts are ideal for those unexpected pool parties that pop up as they provide a more upscale out of the water appearance while being comfortable and flouncy in the water. This versatile look is a great way to go from pool to party in one smooth move.
  • Camouflage – The little swim skirt is a great way to hide dimples and stretch marks, if you have those little problem areas around the thigh, hip, and tummy areas. Because swim skirts come in an assortment of lengths and styles it is one of the most versatile items in your swim suit drawer.

Swim Skirts may not be a new innovation, or even a near new design, but the newest resurrection of the swim skirt with its flirty retro style that is both versatile and functional is bound to have you looking like the hottest thing on the beach this summer. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!