Styling Your Hair to Reduce Volume

Taming the beast

If your hair is thick or coarse, it might be difficult to get it tamed. Many people try to achieve more volume—essentially bigger hair—through blow-drying, but if your hair is thick, coarse, or has natural curls, you may want to achieve the opposite effect. Here, too, the blow-dryer is your friend.

While a lot of women need and want more volume, if you have too much of it, it can be a nuisance. You may find yourself with thick, curly, and/or frizz-prone hair. But there’s help! You can start by reducing the volume of your hair with just the right haircut. You can tame that frizz with a moisturizing shampoo and high-end conditioner. And then you’ll bring in the big guns: your hair-dryer!

Mona Harb

Mona Harb is here in this video to show you how. And she’s an excellent teacher: she’s partnered with the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute to create a spa/salon that provides everything from hair styling to massage therapy to surgical consultations.

“Beauty,” says Harb, “But is more than skin deep at Lofty. This warm-hearted spa has a whole host of wellness services designed to help clients feel happy and healthy, including personal trainers, yoga classes, belly dancing, and life-coach consultations. The hand-holding is free.”

Following up on a video series that showed how to achieve volume and fullness in your hair through blow-drying; Harb is now going to address those who want to reduce the fullness instead.

Start with wet hair

You want to start when your hair is wet, says Harb, the first difference between adding volume and removing it. You really can only reduce and eliminate frizz if you start with wet hair. The other requirement is to use some product right away. This product is in addition to your shampoo and conditioner. (Did you know, by the way, that you shouldn’t shampoo every day? It takes that moisture longer to get into all your coarse hair. You’ll reduce volume just by shampooing and conditioning every three days instead.) Put the product on the hair shaft; you don’t have to worry about getting it down into the roots.

When sectioning hair, always start from the bottom, says Harb. Divide your hair into five sections, with two sections in the back, one on each side, and one on the top of your head. Clip the sections in place.


Now bring out the blow-dryer. You want to start by placing the blow-dryer on the hair shafts as you’re moving the brush down. Make sure that you’re using a round brush, it helps with removing fullness. Follow the brush with the barrel of your blow-dryer down the entire length of your hair. You have to make sure that the hair is completely cold before you let go, because the cold will set it to stay straight. Repeat as needed, even if you need to do the same section more than once. Then you can repeat this process on the side sections and then the back sections. You will continue doing the same thing until the whole hair is dry.


Let’s talk about product for a bit. What you want to do is experiment with hair-styling products. Waxes, pomades and even anti-frizz serums are products that will smooth out frizzy hair and add weight to the hair shafts (and that’s what decreases your hair volume).  Remember how it is that your hair gets out of control: it’s friction that’s caused by your hair moving. If you find the right product for your hair, it will keep that friction from happening, and no more frizz!