Organizational Tips for the Shopaholic

Are you a clothes horse? Are your drawers and closet bursting at the seams? Do you have more shoes than a caterpillar has feet? If so, then you may be in need of some organizational or purging tips. It is easier to shop than it is to purge items that we still love, but haven’t worn in quite some time. With these helpful hints, you will have space to spare in no time.

Get to know what you have

From season to season we transition from one wardrobe to another either officially or unofficially
out of necessity. During these transitional phases it is easy to forget what you already have in storage and go out and buy something new. This is how your closet or drawers become overloaded.

Take the time to review your summer and winter attire before you go shopping and you will find that you may not need to buy as much as you thought you did. Examine each item for wear and tear; and if you have had any weight changes since the last time you wore it, make sure it still fits. If not or if it is looking as though it has seen better days, then toss it.


Closets come in many sizes, so these tips will work for those who don’t have a huge wardrobe; they simply have a small closet as well.

  • Rotate – As you do laundry and put clothes away, always replace items to the front end of the closet. Place a ribbon on the far side of your first batch of replacement clothes so that you can see where your rotation started. That way in a few months you can look in your closet and see the natural rotation. This will make it obvious which clothes you have been wearing and which you have not by how clothes have worked their way to the back of the closet. After six months if you have items that are not out of use due to seasonal issues, which have not been worn behind the ribbon, get rid of them.

  • Use Space Saver Bags – Vacuum space saver bags are a god send for people with minimal storage. By using space saver bags you can put each exiting season’s wardrobe in storage; simply vacuum seal the items into the bag and tuck them under your bed until next season. This provides added space for the items you will be using, while keeping those that you will not be regularly using handy in case of unforeseen instances where you might need them.

  • Use Shoe Bags – For all of those shoes, you can find inexpensive pouch type shoe holders that hang on the inside of your closet door. This is a wonderful way to be able to see all of your shoes when trying to find the right pair, while keeping them conveniently out of the way.

Getting organized is sometimes a headache in the making, however with a few handy tips, a little time to rotate seasonal items, and some modern products you will be organized in a snap.