Makeup Tips on How to Get the Right Lip and Facial Colors for Asian Teens

When you’re a teen, it’s hard to get started in makeup. You’re in a stage where you have decent foundation of who you are but still stratching the surface of how you’re going to end up. This plays a role in your makeup as well. It takes time to develop good tactics especially if you don’t the right make up to match your skin tone and eye features. When it comes to Asian teens, they need to know what particular color, contour, and mascara features help to enhance their face. Here are some sound tips to help Asian teens get their face right with makeup.

Getting the Right Concealer for Your Face

Typically, you’ll have a medium skin tone so the process is different than someone with fair skin. The key thing to do is have your a bit of under eye-concealer. Add a dab into this very lighty and do just enough to to take the dark circle away. Apply some to the top and you can already see a difference. Do the same thing to other eye. The one thing you want is even skin tone all around so that your face looks smooth throughout. The good thing about being a teen is there’s not much work to be done to conceal things like wrinkles or dark circles just because they haven’t gotten to the point of having a 9-5 like an adult. They won’t be susceptible to things that generally happen with age and stress. This is the first step in getting the right makeup treatment for your teen.

Adding the Right Powder to the Skin

Your teen should follow a less is more kind of concept when it comes to applying powder. You need a good powder color to match the skin tone. Pick your powder brush and begin to put it very light and gentle on the skin. This way you don’t clog your pores. Choose the T-zone and all around the face as places to apply the powder. A good mineral powder and bronzing should help do the trick when it comes to powdering a teen’s face. It adds some good summer shimmer and pizazz to the face without putting heavy powder on it that can cause skin issues.


Applying a Great Lip Color for Asian Teens

The lips are the icing on the cake when it comes to makeup. A nice lip gloss and lip brush is perfect to put on a light shimmer to the lips. Keep it nice and light when your brush the lips. It complements the top greatly. Remember, the idea is to give your teen a nice, radiant look but overly sexy. That’s a bit  too mature depending on the age of your teen. Keep it reasonable for the age so that your teen still has her youthful look. You can add a dot on the cheek to give an accent to your teen’s face to go with the top pink of the lips. This will produce a flawless yet human look to your kid.