Learn How to Distress Your Denim for the Evening

Fashion is always a part of every day life from sun up to sun down. It’s very subjective, but each person has their own unique take especially when it comes to timeless things like denim. Distressed denim is becoming more and more popular these days especially with the youth. The mix between raw denim and high couture fashion shows off great distressed denim styles. They are becoming more apparent during the warmer months as sort of a comfort zone. Now, you don’t have to go to the mall or a store to get your jeans distressed because you can do it yourself. Here’s how you can distress your denim for the evening.

What Materials and Steps Do You Need to Prepare?

You need a pair of jeans (you can use an old pair or a new pair..doesn’t really matter), card stock or cardboard, a dremel (sandpaper block is a good replacement because it’s rough), a pen, and an X-acto knife to actually makeyour cuts. Thhe first thing you want to do is try on the jeans to make sure they  fit. Then you’ll proceed to mark the top and bottom of your knee and then the center. This is so you know the exact point of where you need to cut the knee portion exactly. It helps to have a lighter color for dark denim and darker ink for light denim. Mark a few other places you would like to cut so that you can really start developing an idea of how you want to place your holes.

Begin the Cutting Process

The key is not to cut through the whole jean. You’re just going to cut the part where you want visible. The back of your jeans should be completely unscathed. Go through your lines first and then the other markings and press down relatively hard. Basically, you want to feel the card stock at the bottom. That’s how you know you went through properly. The lines don’t have to be absolutely perfect, just try to make them about a quarter inch apart. When you actually wash the denim, it’ll create a nice, unique effect.  If you want to add the same to the back pockets, you can do this exact process. Get creative to add your own unique flair to your jeans.

Using Sandpaper or Dremel Before Your Wash

The sandpaper or dremel comes in handy when you want to add a bit of panache to your cuts. The dremel you can get on Amazon or eBay for around $20. This helps you give your jeans more of scuffed look that will create more character and style in your garments. Just take your time and really put your jeans on another pedestal. After you’re done, it’s now time to put them in the washing machine. Just one wash is enough to give your rips some definition. As they age and get more washed, they will look better and better with time. You don’t have to spend an extra $50 or so just to get them distressed when you can do the work yourself and build a sense of pride from your  work.