Key Factors on How to Win a Beauty Pageant Swimsuit Competition

Do you plan on entering a beauty pageant swimsuit competition? Maybe you need to get in the right shape before you proceed to put on a good swimsuit. Maybe you need to work on your walk or general eye contact with the judges and the audience. What are some things you believe you should work on to literally put your best foot forward in regards to performing your best on stage? Remember, a swimsuit competition is one aspect of a beauty pageant. There are other things to focus on, but this specific one has its own set of rules and fun that will enable you to do things at a better rate. Here are some tips to help you win your next beauty pageant swimsuit competition.


Preparing Your Presence on Stage

With anything related to modeling and beauty, it all comes down to the walk. Of course, you want to have a certain poise when you’re in the room. However, a swimsuit is a bit more casual. You want to have more air and spring to your walk. It should be the kind of walk that lights up the room with a particular positive float to the walk. The arms should swing naturally from the hips in more of a relaxed tone as you would going to the beach or pool. When you actually enter the stage and get in position, make direct eye contact with the judges. A great smile is expected to be sure to have that intact to give your look a warming feel.

Learning What Swimsuit Works For Your Figure

2Each woman is different with the curves, tall, skinny, or petite look. The best thing to do is pick a swimsuit that accentuates your body type. Leave a little room to flatter the audience but a lot of room for class to help the judges sway their decision to you. For example, if you have a taller and more athletic build, you neeed a good cut like great spacing between the top half of the swimsuit and the lower half. It creates an elongated style that completely matches the frame of the body.

Hair, Makeup, and Shoe Tips to Give You a Distinctive Look

3In a swimsuit setting, you want your hair to be a bit more casual instead of fully done up like you’re putting on your best evening attire. You want your hair to be straight or with some curls. You can keep it a bit light on some ends. For the makeup, you want a bright color on the cheek, nice eyebrows that bring out your facial expression more. The lips should also be very subtle with some light color (preferably a rose shade) to help bring out the cheeks and other shade in your makeup profile. Of course, you never want to wear flats or go barefoot – that’s a no-no. You want good heels that go with your overall frame, and they should be around 4-5 inches high. They give the illusion of longer and leaner legs. This will also give your walk a nice look. For your ending pose, make sure you expose your outer thigh with the foot pointing to the stage. As you leave, make eye contact with the judges and gaze out to the audience for a nice finish.