Jalapeno Body Scrub – the Natural Detoxifier

img_57d34f498ec37You have probably had jalapeno on your nachos, pizza, or in salsa, but in your body scrub? Yes, jalapeno body scrubs. Jalapenos are a natural detoxifier that when added to other ingredients make the perfect low cost, make at home full body detoxifying scrub.


½ Cup Coffee beans (opt for green coffee beans if you can find them)

½ Jalapeno (You can modify this to less if you have strong reactions to peppers.)

Handful of fresh Mint leave

1 Cup Hot Water

1 Cup Aloe Vera (Fresh is best)

Prepare and Store

Combine all ingredients into a blender or food processor and pulse until a finely course scrub comes together. If your scrub is too watery add a little bit more coffee beans or grounds to thicken it. Once the scrub is prepared transfer the mixture to a mason jar that

has a lid so that you can store any unused scrub for next time. (If you are planning on storing it for a while, you may want to cut back on the amount of pepper since peppers do get hotter as it sits.)

How to Use

When ready to detox massage your homemade scrub in circular motions all over arms legs, chest, etc. avoiding eyes, and other sensitive parts. Keep in mind when applying that the capsaicin contained in jalapenos will get hot and burn if you get it in your eyes. It is this ingredient that will instigate your skins detoxification process; while the caffeine contained in coffee tightens and tones skin.

At this point you should find a comfy place to sip a cup of tea and read a good book for about twenty minutes to let the scrubs ingredients soak in and begin to work. You should feel a little menthol sensation from the mint as well as a mild heat from the jalapenos. If this becomes too intense wash off immediately. (If the capsaicin is the problem you may need to use vegetable oil to remove any residue that still burns.)

After you have allowed the scrub to sufficiently absorb thoroughly rinse all scrub from the body, dry off, and moisturize.

Skin Detoxification Benefits

Using a skin detoxification scrub removes dirt, oils, and contaminants that become lodged deeply within pores causing acne, blemishes, and other skin conditions that can make skin look tired, dull, and old. Removing these toxins with this natural scrub allows skin to refresh back to its clear, bright, and healthy appearance without using a bunch of harsh sometimes toxic themselves chemicals that can clog pores making some skin issues worse.

The world is full of organic and manmade pollutants, toxins, and other grime that will negatively affect your skin if not take care of, making your skin look old, dull, and tired. By using a detoxifying scrub like the one mentioned above you can fight the signs of time that everyday life exposes your skin to, and maintain that young looking skin that you were born with for many years to come.