How to Create a Wedding Hairdo

It’s near the top of the list of every bride’s concern: what am I going to do about my hair? And of course you can spend a fortune on a hairdresser for your special day… or you can DIY and spend the money on your honeymoon instead! Jordan Pringle, a stylist at One 80 in downtown Washington DC, says that any bride can create her own up-do (maybe with a little help from Mom or a bridesmaid) and it’s not difficult to do once you’ve practiced once or twice.

She starts by telling everyone a little about herself: “I have been involved in the hairdressing industry since I was 15. I have done numerous brides of my career, and I really believe that hair is an art form, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. It can be simple and beautiful at the same time.”

The bridal up-do

This is the hairdo for you if you want your hair to look like it’s down but you still want something interesting and elegant in the back. If your hair is very straight, you might want to do a little prep work with your curling iron. Just be careful! It’s easy to burn yourself with one of these.


Before you begin, make sure to coat your hands with shine-enhancing pomade. This means that as you work with your hair, you’ll be getting a great shine that you can’t get by just doing it at the end. This hairdo is all about sectioning. Although you may be accustomed to doing horizontal sections, in an up-do what you want is to take diagonal sections. They’re much easier to cover.

So start taking your section, on the diagonal, about half your hair, and pin it with bobby pins. Here’s a trick: cross the bobby pins, so that they’re firmly locked. This will keep your hairdo from getting messed up or coming apart on the dance floor at the reception.

Take this section and pull it up a little and give your hair a good twist so that you can create a French twist. Before you secure it, check it out from the front and make sure you like the look, make sure that you like how the front is lying. If you want more volume on top, for example, you can just use your rattail comb and loosen it until it’s just how you like it.


Now you can secure that section with your crossed bobby pins. Put them just underneath the hair’s surface so that you can’t see them. Then start working with the rest of your hair, making sure that you still have your hands coated with pomade to give the hair that beautiful shine. Some more diagonals on the side and then you’ll

Tie it into a French knot to cover up where the hair twists. Wrap the ends around the underneath of the hair. Make sure that you like the positioning, again, and then take some of the sections from underneath and do the same thing, giving it a good tie.

Once it’s all positioned you can use the curling iron on the ends, not enough to produce ringlets, but just enough to give it some bounce and texture.  Then spray over the top. If your wedding is outdoors, both cold and humidity can adversely affect your hairdo, so you want to make sure that you spray it well in place.

This only took 15 minutes, and yet you’re ready for the big day with a bridal hairdo that will wow them all.