Good Make Up Tips to Help You Get Camera Ready

Getting your face ready for the camera is very important because you need to keep up with a sound image. It’s very easy to overdo it especially when you have big cameras around that only make you sweat with time. Sometimes it’s not about caking your face up with loads of eyeliner, foundation, etc. Less is typically more and you need to it match the occasion. You’ll find that makeup should only enhance your look rather than completely disguise it. With that being said, here are some good make up tips to help you get camera ready.

Touching Up Your Eyebrows

This is one of the things you absolutely need to do to really make your face look more defined. If you have thicker eyebrows, it’s actually much better and easier to maintain. You don’t have to over pluck the look to make it standout. You can simply pencil and powder the eyebrows to match your hair. You want to look as youthful as possible, so don’t go too dark on your brows. The darker you go, the more you’ll looked aged. Subtly works the best when it comes to this section of your face. Just make sure your eyebrows are even and look clean.

Applying the Proper Eye Shadow

Less is more continues in this concept of having enough eye shadow to make things pop a little bit. Stick to more neutral shades and use just a little bit of color. Keep the look on a soft and warm kind of motif around the eyes so that you give a younger look. Don’t make things too glittery because this reflects off very loudly in any pictures taken with flash. A little bit of gold on the corner of your eyelid will help reflect in a nice way that doesn’t shine too brightly. Using soft pencils also helps to even the tone especially when used in a dark brown or charcoal kind of color.  Black mascara also adds some rich touch around the eyes. Elongate your eye by adding it to the corner.

Wearing the Right Lipstick and Blush

Wearing nude lipstick will make you seem as if you don’t have any lips. The darker your lipstick, will bring out a bit more age. Lighter lipstick makes your lips look fuller. A satin rose color is more popular these days for lips. Add lip gloss to center of lower lip and white/champagne color to the cupid’s bow for some brightness. Also, you can use a bit of blush to add some richness to your cheeks. Also, it makes you look a lot younger. The whole goal with wearing makeup is to hide a few of your imperfections in a way that doesn’t look completely cosmetic. It should go with your skin tone and your overall style. Don’t put it on too cakey. Make sure it matches with your foundation. You can even brush a bit on your chest area. The flash reflects off that area and you want to make sure that everything is even because it will stand out in the picture.