DIY Fashion Styles

Every woman knows that you can spend a lot of time and money figuring out what to wear. There are so many questions and it’s difficult to answer them by yourself. This is why so many women hire fashion stylists, and that’s where the money aspect begins to come in: these stylists come with a steep price tag!

But why should you spend all that money on something that you could arguably learn yourself? That’s what Caroline O’Neil from the Fashion Exchange Consignment of MacLean, VA, wants to talk about in this video. She argues that with a little education you can become your own fashion stylist. She has many years of experience helping women look their best and develop their own styles, and she thinks that it isn’t that impossible—or even difficult—for others to do as well.

Every woman, O’Neil says, wants to look her best, and there are ways of ensuring that you always do. Just like all women, you have special unique qualities that you want reflected in your look and style, and there are ways of uncovering that special unique vision in your appearance.

O’Neil is assisted by Cindy Eckberg, her shop assistant who has over 20 hours of experience in the fashion business and is an expert stylist—and is going to help you discover (or uncover!) your own style and become your own stylist

There are a lot of considerations to bear in mind. Choosing the right color (both for your hair and for your clothes!) is the first thing to think about. Then you need to think about choosing the right style for your figure type, selecting the right makeup and accessories, deciding on an overall look that will somehow become “you.”

So let’s start by talking about colors. First of all, you need to determine what colors compliment you. If your skin is naturally sallow, you’ll make one choice; if it’s roses-and-cream, it will be something else. Think about your skin tones and what colors will go best with them. Once you’ve decided on your colors—both for your hair and for your wardrobe—a lot of your other decisions will pretty much fall into place naturally. If you like the monochrome look, you’ll be making selections in blacks, whites, and grays, and you’ll want a softer skin tone and hair color, perhaps a gentle ash-blonde. Whatever you choose, what matters is that you keep your colors natural, because that’s the look that’s the most popular now.

Check out your body type. Be realistic. Perhaps you want to lose a pound or two; but right now, you are what you are, and you need to know what body type you fall under. Just check yourself in a mirror and determine if you’re long-waisted, short-waisted… sometimes you have to really examine yourself to make these determinations.

Be realistic about your looks and your preferences. Be realistic about what clothing you can afford. And put all those things together when you make the choices that go into style: color, style, accessories. Think about styles, too. What is your lifestyle like? Is it casual? Formal? Something in between?

At the end of the day, it’s all about identifying what you’re comfortable with: that’s the best route to style!