Cruise Wear Tips to keep you Looking Stylish

Taking a cruise is a great way to escape the stresses of work and home life; spending your days by the pool gazing out over the ocean that surrounds you. However if you’ve never been on a cruise before you may be wondering what you should be packing for such an excursion. Here are a few tips to help you pack for your next cruise destination.

What kind of Cruise are you taking?

Cruises vary dramatically in destination, amenities, activities, and overall culture. Before you pack for your trip, research the cruise you are taking to familiarize yourself with ship policies and destination idiosyncrasies, such as:

  • Is there a dinner dress code? – Some ships do a more formal dinner atmosphere with required dress codes, while others do not. It is important to know if you will need to dress up for dinner so that you will have what you need when you get there. Purchasing black-tie wear on a ship can be rather expensive.

  • Are there pool dress requirements? – Different cruise lines have different rules, but a lot of cruise lines now require women to wear cover-ups and men to wear shirts when walking on the deck of the ship and wearing swimwear.
  • Which destinations will you be going ashore and what will the climate be? – Different destinations will have different needs due to climate or even cultural requirements, such as covering up or wearing veils in Muslim regions of the world. You will want to know about each port of call that you will be participating in, so that you will have the needed garments for that region.

  • Are there any party events to prepare for? - Look up the ships itinerary to verify if you will need any specialty wear, like costumes for masquerade balls, or Cosplay themed cruises.


When choosing accessories to go with your attire; look for quality inexpensive costume pieces of jewelry and leave the expensive or sentimental items at home, especially when traveling to certain Caribbean and Coast of Africa locations. Although the seas are much safer than they were in the 1800’s, pirates do still exist. Besides that flashy jewelry is one of those things that pick pockets and muggers look for among tourist and wearing your expensive items could just place a target on your back.

Remember your eye wear. Even if you don’t normally wear sun glasses, you will want to have a pair handy on a ship. The reflection from the water can be quite intense and induce eye strain when spending time on the deck doing outdoor activities.

Hats are a must. Find yourself a cute floppy hat to wear as you take your morning stroll around the deck, or lounge by the pool. This will protect your face, neck and shoulders from excessive sun and burns. That doesn’t mean skip the sunscreen though.

When taking a cruise there is a lot of planning in order to be prepared. If you do your research and plan accordingly you can look like the most worldly of travelers with the correct outfit and accessories for every adventure and destination.