Creating Your 5 Minute Face with Some Cosmetics

Are you strapped for time but still want to have a face that looks amazing? All you need is 5 minutes in your schedule to get the look you want for any occasion. You need a crazy makeup kit to get this done. Just get a few select materials to help you create a gorgeous looking canvas. Whether you want to get ready for a fancy dinner or you just want a light makeup set for a fun evening at the movies or at an entertainment district, you’ll have the right tools to get it done. It’s very simple and convenient when you follow these easy steps in order to get the makeup in a reasonable time. Here’s how you can create your 5 minute face.

Even Out the Skin Tone a Bit

One of the first major steps is to even out the skin tone with a tinted moisturizer using a foundation brush. The key is putting less than a dime size on your hand. This way you can put it evenly all over your skin and get all of the redness and make it look very polished. This is a great alternative if you don’t like a foundation look. The moisturizer is a great protector to your face as well. It’s also a good idea to put it right at the forehead so there’s continuity and it can blend downwards later on. Add a bit of cheek color. You can use a creamy feel so that it applies nice, fast, and easy. You can use it with your finger and do a little dab on the apples of your cheek then pat it down.

Applying the Right Treatment for Your Lips

A good material to use for your lips is Pot Rouge. Go ahead and grab a lip brush and put it on your lips then put the gloss over top. Do it in the enter so that it has a certain balance. Depending on your motif, you can use a lighter color for a standout kind of vibe. This is absolutely perfect for your day parties on a nice, warm day. If you want to play a bit more dressed up, darker colors work well especially if you have a nice dress that can really give you a mature look. It’s all about being distinctive without caking too much on your lips. A bit understated goes a long way.

Adding Mascara to Round off Your Look

Keep your mascara to one coat so that it’s a lot easier to be nice and natural. Also, you want to add a shimmer you like all over your face including the eye area. The easiest way to apply this is by taking a bit of shimmer and tapping it on the lower eyelid. Create a highlight a bit on the bone of your cheek. This way you’ll have great balance between the different shades on your face. This is a good look you can achieve in literally 5 minutes of your time.