Choosing the Right Outfit for your Upcoming Event

Trying to decide what is appropriate to wear to an upcoming event can be overwhelming if you don’t know what would be classified as appropriate. That’s where we come in. We’re here to give you a little guidance on the ins and outs of dressing for an event, no matter what, when, or where the event is.

What type of event are you attending?

Before you can choose an outfit for any event that you plan to attend, you first need to have all of the facts. Is the event you are planning on attending a work function, a family reunion, a wedding, or even a charity fundraising gala? What you would wear to each of these events differs drastically

from another. The time of day and the location will also play in to each of these decisions. For example if you are going to a daytime work event, you can wear a nice pair of dress jeans or business casual slacks with a nice blouse; however for a daytime wedding you would not want to wear jeans. Instead you would opt for a flattering dressy, but not formal dress and accessories, or a pair of dress slacks and a blouse.

When is the event?

In the example above we used a day time work or wedding event. What if the event is at night? Night time events tend to be more formal than day time events. For day time events you want to think more business-like, or professional when planning your outfit. For night time, you will want to lean more towards the dressier more elegant or formal overall appearance. That doesn’t mean a floor length gown to a night time wedding. It means cocktail dress, or business suit with fun accents to take it from business to social.

Where is the event?

Last and definitely not least, is where is the event being held? This is important for practicality. You don’t want to wear stiletto heels to a beach side wedding where you will be walking in sand; just as you wouldn’t want to wear flat sandals and jeans to a business meeting. Additionally you will want to keep in mind the weather changes that can occur at different locations. This will help you prepare for any occasion as you put together your outfit. An example would be if you are going to an outdoor

afternoon wedding in Colorado during the month of August, you would want to dress in layers; possible a light weight fabric dress paired with some nice patent leather low to mid heel pumps and topped with a fashionable light weight cardigan or wrap. This would be ideal since the weather in Colorado in August is usually hot with late afternoon thunder showers.

Choosing an outfit for an event is all about preparation and knowing these three W’s about your upcoming event; What, When, and Where. By knowing the facts as well as using a little common sense you will be able to successfully attend any event under any circumstances.