A Small Guide to Cuffing Denim Shorts in 4 Minutes

Summer is great to go outside and enjoy some warm weather. However, when it gets to July and August, it can get boiling hot to the point where you actually want to roll your pants up a bit. This season is a time for comfort more so than being fashion forward unlike winter time. The key is to look good while you’re out and about. You don’t want tons of sweat dripping down your legs going to the next event at your friend’s or closest co-worker’s place. That’s why having a nice cuff can help you ease up a bit and also show a bit of stylish antics. Here’s a short guide on how to cuff your denim shorts in 4 minutes.

Get Your Materials Together

Do you plan on throwing out some of your old jeans? No. Hold onto them and get creative. You’ll need these following things to create your shorts: an old pair of jeans (looser in the thigh area), a tape measure, scissors (fabric ones work the best), and a chalk to mark things down. These will help you prepare to turn your jeans into a nice pair of shorts you can wear out or do some work in during the warmer months of the summer. It’ll help you save some money instead of buying new shorts especially when the quality of your jeans is pretty up there. Forget the holes and rivets at the bottom of your pants when you can transform them into something else down the line.

Getting Your Measurements and Marking Down

You’re going to measure with your tape to see how long you actually want your shorts. It’s better to have them a bit longer than on the short side just in case you make a mistake or want to alter them a bit later after trying them on. The best thing to do now is to cuff the jeans (preferably between 15-18 inches. Make sure you try them on first if you want an exact size. Use the chalk to mark the place and fold them as well to get another marking on the other side. Fold them in haf and make a line straight across. It doesn’t have to be exactly straight because you’ll cuff them eventually. It’s just a good way to mark it down early so you can follow through later.

Cutting and Cuffing it Down

Take your time and cut one side at a time. It’s much less risk to get your tape and find the exact point than doing both at the same time. You may end cutting one side shorter than the other. Make your cuts sharp because it looks so much better. Once you’ve done both sides, try them on. Afterwards, take them off and go into cuffing mode. Once you think they are short enough, you make two low cuffs depending on the length you want them to look on you. A good tip is to iron and possibly starch down the folds, and stitch the cuffs a bit so it stays permanently.