A 5 Minute Routine for Your No-Filter Make Up Needs

Are you short on time but need to get your beauty on? When it comes to setting up your makeup, you need to actually set some time to get it all done. Luckily, you can get it down to less than 10 minutes to get a beautiful look on your face. Makeup should only be used to enhance your looks and not over cake your face to seem like a clown. It’s all about finding a section before your day or evening kicks off and putting on your makeup in an efficient manner that stil looks great on you. Here’s a 5 minute routine to help you with your makeup routine.

Basic Approach to Your No-Filter Needs

The main thing to know about this application is that in the summer time, less is more. Let’s say you are at the pool or by the beach, you don’t want a lot of makeup on your face, but you do want to look good. One of the best things to apply a bit of BB cream because it’s sheer, lightweight, and it gives the illusion that you don’t have any foundation. It’s absolutely perfect for those that like a bit of subtly in the look department. You can even out your skin tone without looking to heavy or cakey in your face. This certainly fits the less is more motif as stated earlier. Also, it’s not such as hassle to take off later in the day. This understated look will keep you happy and healthy during the extreme heat that can make it look like your face is completely oily and heavy to the point where you need to actually take it off.

Adding Color to Your Face

Of course, you want to look a bit vibrant so colors are great to help you enhance your look. You can add some cream blush to your cheek. Go by the apple of your cheek and blend in the color you want. You can even use it for your lips to kind of match the specific color scheme as your cheeks. Once you’ve brightened up the face a bit, you can take your ring finger and add some dimension by using a highlighter. Tap a bit to the upper cheekbone, bring it up under your brow to give your skin more of a glow. Kind of blend it in a bit and even have it touch the bridge of your nose.

Forget the Eyeliner and Use Mascara

If you are definitely on the more no-makeup, makeup look, just get some mascara. You can start at the lash line, and work a diagonal toward the other lashes. After you get to the inner lashes, push towards the brige of the nose, and you’ll have some good definition without the use of heavy eyeliner. Use a bit of powder throughout the day to keep things looking bright but not too heavy. By doing these steps, you won’t have to put on too much makeup especially during heat infested days during the summer.