5 Easy and Inexpensive ways to go from Day to Evening without Changing Clothes

Trying to balance work and home often means going straight from work to an evening function in order to fit in everything that life demands. This doesn’t have to mean that you can’t still be stylish and trendy at your evening functions while dressing professional and appropriately for the office. With these five simple and inexpensive tips you’ll be hopscotching your way through your busy day of activities in complete style.

Shoes and Handbags – One fast and easy way to go from work to evening is with a quick shoe and handbag change. Changing from a solid color sensible heel shoe to a printed, or patent leather shoe spices up that outfit that you have been wearing all day adding a bit of festive flair; combined with a cute clutch or evening bag, your overall look will transition with the sun and moon. You can pre-pack your clutch and stash it inside of your day purse before going to work to make for an even faster quick change.

Jewelry – Most women know that jewelry is essential to changing a dress or ensemble’s appearance. Changing from a simple pendant or strand of pearls, to a flashy layering of beads, or sparkly jewels is an excellent way to add some night time sparkle to your daytime look.

Tights – Tights, Stockings, and Pantyhose come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and textures. By changing from your traditional pantyhose into a sheer sparkling pair of tights, or lacy stockings is a great way to spruce up a daytime look to go out straight from the office.

Hair Accessories - Another fun way to spruce up a work outfit before heading out of the office for evening fun is with hair accessories. Headbands and barrettes are versatile and easy to pack in your purse, making them a great day to evening accessory. Choose subtle monotone colors for daytime and then switch to a flashy jewel encrusted or feather designed headband or hair clip for a festive nighttime take on your daytime persona.

Make-up – Make-up is the most convenient way to change your appearance. You don’t even have to take off the day’s neutral tones before spicing it up with colors for the evening. Use the original make-up that you spent so much time applying before going to work as a foundation for your evening look. Touch up your make-up with a few splashes of colored eye liner, eye shadow, and lip stick before leaving the office and you will have changed your game face from all work, to all play in the blink of an eye.

Having a full schedule means learning the little tips and tricks of the trade that keep your outfit appropriate, while still adding a little flair and fun for those evening events. Using one or combining two or even all of these tips to go from work to evening will keep you on top of all of your daily plans, events, and work appointments without skipping a beat or changing your clothes for those evening plans.