3 Age Give-Away Areas you Might be Ignoring

Aging is nobody’s favorite thing to do, and as such has spawned a multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry of creams, cover-ups, and more. Unfortunately though even if you have found the perfect cream for your face that gives you the glow you had when you were younger; you still may not be covering your age as well as you think. Here are three areas that can be a dead give way of your age if you don’t treat them as kindly as you do your face.

Neck and Chest

Some of the thinnest skin on the body is on your neck and chest. That makes these areas very sensitive and reactive to sun damage, environmental toxins, and aging in general. This is an area that if not tended to will not only give away your actual age, but can make you look older than you actually are. To avoid sun spots, and premature aging of this delicate skin use moisturizers developed for these areas and sun screen regularly.


Hands are one of those areas of the body that are too often taken for granted. You use your hands every day to do everything from cooking to cleaning to yard work rarely thinking about how much sun and damage they receive. This can age hands quickly. To keep your hands looking younger for as long as possible, remember to use sun screen and moisturizer daily. When working in the yard or with heavy duty cleaners always wear gloves. This will prevent drying effects that abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals can inflict on delicate skin.


Everyone wants to have a bright, white smile, but did you know that your smile could be giving away your age? As people age their teeth begin to develop staining from years of drinking and eating foods and beverages like wine, coffee, and beets. Add that to the abuse your enamel takes from acidic fruits and soda pops and your teeth may not be the shinning pearls that you want them to be.

To keep your teeth from showing your age, have regular check-ups and use a quality whitening toothpaste with an enamel restorative. This type of product is meant to remove deep down staining that occurs within teeth over time, while strengthening enamel in order to minimize the translucent appearance that happens when enamel begins to thin in areas. Don’t forget to floss. Flossing keeps those gums healthy and strong avoiding tooth loss, as well as unpleasant breath odor, or unsightly gum disease issues.

Continuing to look as young as possible for as long as possible is an ongoing process that means paying special attention to those delicate areas that receive a lot of sun, get the most abuse on a daily bases, and are the first thing people see when they look at you. Three of these areas that you need to focus on in addition to your face to keep people incorrectly guessing how young you are, are your neck and chest, hands, and teeth. Keep these maintained and you’ll be surprising people for years to come.